Stluet Furniture

Service / Website Design

A clean and simple furniture store with tons of customizable feature's for the admin

Stluet is a fully-fledged e-commerce furniture store with plenty of neat functionality baked in. Our client is now able to easily manage the majority of the site's content live, thanks to our custom admin dashboard.

From the users' side, we present a light and minimalist design to compliment the style of products our client plans on displaying; lighting fixtures, accents, etc. From the home page, users have the freedom to search for a specific item or to discover something new. This is achieved with categories and a search input in the navigation bar, as well as a list of the store's featured products and categories below (no featured products displayed at the moment). Just like any other online store; users can click on a product they love, to see its details, add it to the cart, and then proceed to our custom checkout built with Stripe as our payment processor.