Sequence 21
We are a production company dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of the film industry by providing opportunities for young creators to build their portfolio, create their own business network, and enjoy paid work in the field they love.
The Scene
The best place for independent creators to share their work with potential clients and collaborators. The Scene allows executive producers and collaborators affiliated with Sequence21 to browse through our members and customize a crew for their individual production needs.
An online education program that grants independent creators direct access to industry professionals so they may ask questions, build their network, and gain insight into their field of interest.

Sequence21 is devoted to providing opportunities for young film enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in presenting impactful stories through filmmaking and media production to reinforce the importance of storytelling. With a focus on customizable film and multimedia productions led by skilled specialists, we will continue to push boundaries.

Everything happens in Sequence.

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Our Featured Projects

UNVEIL - The Derma Studio

Use with your favourite makeup remover solution to provide a soft touch for your removal. Each package comes with two reusable makeup remover pads.

A Maneuver Christmas

Joy erupts during a gift exchange between men on Christmas morning as they unwrap their new Maneuver Men's Grooming products.

Brown Sugar Babe No.2

The all new Whipped Shea Body Butter from Maneuver Men’s Grooming’s “Brown Sugar” product line.

Brown Sugar Babe No.1

Express your joy, your passion and your love with some sugar!

Brown Sugar Daddy

For men to look and feel their best.

Ok, Seriously! With Natasha

A show specific created to be an open platform where anything goes!

Maneuver Men's Grooming x Blk Men's Style Event

Changing the Narrative surrounding black men.

EXPOSURE: Maneuver Men's Grooming

A high production value business profile video. Part 1 of an ongoing series.


Customizable Film Production

Provides us the opportunity to open our imaginations, capturing visually stunning stories to never be forgotten.


Removes the idea of the impossible, allowing us to expand our storytelling capabilities with endless boundaries.

Graphic Design

Fine art for the digital age, combining captivating imagery with interactivity, and focusing on user experience.

The Scene

We pride ourselves on having an expansive team of filmmakers. The Scene gives you an inside look into the team that is so pivotal in creating these transparent stories The Scene provides the opportunity to showcase your work and find like-minded creators to collaborate with on any upcoming projects. Sign up now to become a member!
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